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What is ERP Software?

An enterprise resource planning is the management of all information and resource which are involved in an organizations/companies each and every operations by means of integrated customized computer software system.

What is Barcode Generation Software?

Barcode generation software has brought out intelligent and user friendly software windows based "WHAT YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET..??" to design & print barcode labels of all formats quite smoothly. This application can be easily used in barcode designing & printing.

Functions of Barcode Generation Software?

Main functions of Barcode designing & generation software...
1. Various types of Barcodes can generated using this user friendly software.
2. One shall also design labels using this software.
3. One shall also use respective data's to create. barcodes, logos, signs etc using this software.

Uses of Warehouse Management Software?

Main use of WMS software is plan the storage areas, Inventory location management, plan for inbound inventory, management of storaged items in hand and plan for out bound inventory.

Where we use Inventory Management Software?

A question which is generally asked...!! Wherever there is reciepts and issuance of goods is happening, there we shall use inventory management software., for eg; office/factory stores, hotels/restaurants, hospitals, retail counters, libraries, Pathological labs etc.,

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ERP software package is used to manage and control day-to-day business of your business. It assists manage things like Finance, Production dept, human resources (HR), Purchase dept, customer relationships (CRM) and customer support, supply chain & logistics, Production, Planning & control (PPC) dept, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, projects, service and more. ERP software package ERP solution integrates the above operates into one centralized package of software, ensuring the business is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible by providing the organization with a single gateway of realistic show for better and faster decision-making. To cut short, (ERP software) is a cluster of applications that encompasses the value stream of your business house under one umbrella.

What is an e-stock ERP software package?

e-stock ERP software package, materials requirements planning (MRP), had its origins in Liberty Dry Cleaners, which placed a premium value on real-time communication of demand signals to reduce the so called talk time—or precious time needed for production work in progress to match demand. MRP was, as the name indicated, primarily focused on inventory control while ensuring it was readily available for consumption as required while reducing the amount of capital tied up in inventory at a given point of time. e-stock ERP software package arose from MRP, extending this centralized approach to process flow management into new parts of the business like Purchase, Engineering, Stores, finance, HR and warehouse. e-stock ERP package is designed for modern manufacturing which will still include an MRP module, which should facilitate Production Planning Control for the production schedule and the work in processes and Raw materials which assist it. E-stock ERP package used in other industries may include additional functionality:

  • E-stock ERP package used for builders, construction companies or engineer-to-order for manufacturing or heavy industrial machinery manufacturing may have tough project which requires excellent management capabilities
  • E-stock ERP package used for business service may also include field force management and schedule for maximum productivity capitalization.
  • E-stock ERP package used for asset-management business — for example, those who handle large or complex pieces of heavy equipments like offshore drilling rigs or hydroelectric power generation plants — which require maintenance capabilities and, if rugged enough, may be considered true enterprise asset management e-stock ERP software package.
  • E-stock ERP package used for Aviation Industry and Defence should be able to full fill government requirements like earned value management (EVM) project reporting, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) and aviation maintenance.

What are the benefits of What are the benefits of ERP software ?

The benefits of e-stock ERP software package (ERP system) can bring and will depends on multiple factors, including the industry standards and business culture. Initially, ERP/MRP systems were designed to speed up manufacturing while minimizing inventory. Among manufacturing companies, controlling liquid cash tied up in inventory while accelerating time to deliver and increase order processing rates are frequently result oriented benefits of e-stock ERP software package. Inventory management of e-stock ERP software package is just one resource our ERP product is in touch with. As we are aware that demand signals for manpower capital also travel from the marketing & sales forecast through to integrated with business, HR management teams can outsource and assure required manpower is available and efficiently trained and certified to perform the work that is required. Regulatory / Statutory compliance, far beyond the segregation of duties required by customer/prospect is another major benefit. e-stock ERP software package provide tracking and tracing which can help engineers to observe data on equipment performance, business operational processes, certification of workers performing schedules tasks, and more are centralized and focussed. Visibility of your business is useful and vital not just to staffs managing the operational portfolios of your business, but also to customers. Customers requires a single window into processes related to their order of their projects or even after source of a discrete item, its provenance — from where it is originated, who handled it, when and where it was manufactured — for business reasons like date of expiry and country of manufacturing requirements also shall assist, support consumer’s buying choices.

Our e-stock ERP software package makes work force management more effective and efficient. Productive business processes, reduced back office desk work, complete elimination of duplication and automation which shall enable a business house to use Our e-stock ERP software package to increase productivity by as much as 16 percent according to IDC. Our e-stock ERP software package may bring and will depend on multiple operational factors, including the industry standards and business operational model. Initially, MRP/ERP systems were designed to increase production by reducing inventory. Among manufacturing units, reducing cash tied up in inventory while speeding time to deliver and increase order fill rates are frequently reported benefits of ERP. Inventory is just one resource ERP products touch though. As demand signals for human capital also travel from the sales forecast through to booked business, HR teams can hire and ensure enough people are available and adequately trained or certified to perform the work that is required. Statutory and Regulatory compliance, well beyond the segregation of duties required by customers is another major benefit. ERP systems provide traceability that can help inspectors as data on equipment performance, business processes, certification of workers performing regulated tasks, and more are centralized. Visibility into the business is useful not just to executives managing the enterprise, but also to clients. Customers want a window into processes related to their order or their projects or even after purchase of a discrete item, its provenance — where it came from, who touched it, when and where it was made — for business reasons like expiration or country of origin requirements or to support consumer buying preference. ERP makes work more effective and efficient. Optimized business processes, reduced administrative work, elimination of duplication and, increasingly, automation can enable a company to use ERP systems to increase productivity by as much as 16 percent according to ID

Where to implement ERP software: in cloud or on-premises?

In general rule, wide range of business gets more benefits by using our e-stock ERP software package solution in the cloud than on conventional premises based system. As we know, every industry analyst firm predicts that cloud computing system using will grow more than five to six times the rate of Information Technology using through 2020. We also predict that by the end of 2024, 70 percent of companies, organizations and software proposals will be cloud-based. The large growth of cloud-based ERP is not shocking anymore; when you evaluate the value, merits and de-merits of the cloud when compared to legacy on-premises installations.

  • Faster, Smarter and seamless to scale to accomplish business growth
  • Reduced costs and less complexity with minimised hardware installation, better update and maintenance.
  • Faster, Smarter access to the latest product updates and innovations
  • Better and much faster disaster recovery abilities when your data is being monitored and backed up by a professional hosting company

The most important and value added consideration while you plan for ERP implementation should be to look for a software vendor who propose you choices, parity and flexibility of movement. One may be provided with choice to use ERP Solutions in the cloud or on-premise. One should also be offered to choose whether you need an all-inclusive, Operational expenses only or whether you need to own a license for the application. A professional ERP solution provider shall propose choice by not hand cuffed you to its own cloud offering but allowing you or a partner of your choice to use the ERP solution in the cloud or host them in a more traditional way. Preferably look for a ERP solution provider who guarantees parity in that; ERP solution you get in the cloud is not limited in capability when compared to the same application on-premises. Ensure the new functionality and innovations are made available at the same pace regardless of where you select to implement the solution.

How to evaluate and choose ERP software?

Evaluating ERP software requires an efficient, effective and well defined buisiness process to notify the functional and operational needs of business at present, but for future too. The project requires an intelligent and efficient sponsor to ensure the finance is reliably and readily available so that the work process changes and efficiency in the ERP implementation deliverables are accepted by end-users throughout the business process. Once the project receives necessary backing of senior management, and a list of operational needs has been established, a management team or individual in the organization is usually given responsibility with identifying a short list of ERP vendors and products which can meet their needs & necessities. Since most of the business professionals will be part of ERP selection processes over their professional career, many companies choose to out source a third-party, professional ERP consultants to provide expert ideas and drives them through the process which works seamlessly. These professional consultants firms should be certified by any ERP service provider ; therefore the consultants main focus on assisting their client prepares a detailed demo scripts so software suppliers can illustrate how their software product will meet specific needs of prospects. A consultant shall help their client to identify latest trends which will cause these needs to shift over the lifecycle of ERP product, which can be 15 years or more….. A software vendor should therefore 100% capable to demonstrate how the existing ERP software will work to meet current and future needs also the roadmap for future development and will dovetail with state of art technologies which is important several years out.