POS Machine And Accessories

POS computer. The heart of your POS system is the computer that runs your POS software and syncs with your cash drawer and EMV-compliant credit card reader to process transactions. Many smaller retailers are moving to tablet-based POS systems, which take up less room and are portable. Traditional displays are still the standard, but many retailers are moving to touch screens, which mimic the gestures customers and clerks are used to on mobile devices. Learn more about the pros and cons of touch screens and traditional POS screens.

POS keyboard & mouse. These are required for traditional point-and-click POS computers. Unlike a regular computer keyboard, POS keyboards like this one also come with a built-in card reader. Be sure to choose one that’s EMV-enabled. Keyboards can also be used with touch-screen POS computers to save time with data entry, but those systems don’t require an external mouse.