Handheld  Scanners

A scanner that is moved by hand over the material being captured. Handheld scanners are small and less expensive than their desktop counterparts but partially rely on the user’s dexterity to move the unit across the paper. Trays are available that keep the scanner moving in a straight line. Contrast with flatbed scannersheet-fed scanner and drum scanner.

Handheld scanners are small helpful electronic devices that are widely used for digitizing printed documents. Although considered lower quality scanners, they are still very popular because they are small and less expensive than their flatbed counterparts, and they are able to scan items that could not fit in a flatbed scanner due to size or location. Their function includes moving them over the material being captured with the aid of a tray to keep it in a straight line. Experience is required to operate and handle the device since it is very important to keep the scanner straight so that a distortion-free scan is possible.