Entry Level Printers

Say you’re thinking about setting up in digital sign and display printing, either as a start-up in a small way, or as an existing commercial printer or photolab company dipping a toe in a new market direction. Here, we give a quick guide to some of the hardware options on the market.

What you’d consider entry level is largely up to you and your financial arrangements, plus where you are in the world, but here we’re considering roll fed inkjet printers that cost up to about £10,000 in the UK, which depending on fluctuating exchange rates is equivalent to just over €11,000 in the Eurozone or US $12,500. Probably the absolute price doesn’t actually matter much, unless you are buying outright rather than with finance.

What matters more is running costs, in particular ink and compatible media, and even more important, the potential profit margin. The obvious conclusion is to find markets that offer high margin for minimal equipment, labour and consumables costs.